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Branding with innovative display design

Well I decided to take a trip down memory lane today and went trawling back through my old design archives. I came across an interpretive area design project that was undertaken by old company Toogood Creative. Although it has been a couple of years since I completed this project, I thought I would take some time out to write about it, as I never really taken the time to appreciate the work that was done and it is a great example of branding through innovative design.

The client had a very uninspiring alcove area in the main entrance of their cellar door.  It contained some display cabinets displaying wine bottles, some cork boards with images pinned to them and an old vine growing on the back wall, for such a high impact visual area it was wasted space.

Amberley Estate invited a couple of the regions better known creative studios to submit a proposal to turn this space into a feature of the cellar door entrance.

After much brainstorming, coffee, wine (we had to get into character) we presented our ideals to the team charged with overseeing the Interpretive area and won the contract – a great day for us indeed.

Our ideas were based around making visitors feel welcome by attacking all their senses, I also felt that the cellar door can be an intimidating place for the first time visitors so this also gave us an opportunity to educate them and make them feel more comfortable.

Branding through great design

  1. Designed new wine cabinets that were fitted to the wall at eye level. These had 2 purposes, use the bottom cabinets that were previously used to display the wine bottles to tell a story in and to make the wine bottles more of a feature like they deserved.
  2. We designed multi-layered story boards that were mounted to the walls below the wine bottle cabinets. These were used for telling the history of the winery. On the final information board was a mini cartoon depicting a rather large nosed gentleman during different stages of wine tasting. The cartoon was drawn by the late famous Paul Rigby and used humor to educate the visitors.
  3. We placed nuances in the corners so that visitors were able to smell the different aromas that often fill the back of wine labels. They were finally able to know what green pepper and vanilla smelt like, this helped them explain the different flavours that they experienced while in the cellar door.
  4. We had many tactile elements incorporated in the display as well like textured paints, woods & metals and a chunk of cork bark, so people could see where the corks came from.
  5. We create a multicultural welcome board which combined with the new flooring enabled us to guide visitors into the entrance and follow the correct path of the display.
  6. Our centrepiece of the display was the conversion of a small wine barrel into a fountain that had red wine flowing down a branded brushed stainless steel plate positioned at either end of the barrel.

The result was a  warm and welcoming engaging display that told the history of Amberley Estate, re-enforce their branding and educate new visitors on Cellar Door etiquette in a fun and interactive way.  The reports from the winery were extremely positive with cellar door staff noticing an increased enthusiasm and interaction with new visitors.

This is a great example of how well thought out design can help your branding. How your customers interact with your brand helps them to mould their perception of your brand. The brand experience that your customer are left with shapes the perception of your brand and the stories that they relay to their friends.

If you would like would to discuss how All About The Brand can help you create your shop, office or workplace into an extension of your brand please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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