Building a brand in the building industry is a bit like the structures you construct, it is all about solidity and brilliant design. There is no room for botched jobs and consistency is paramount to the success of your brand. The construction and renovation business is founded on word of mouth and this needs to be translated into your digital marketing and traditional marketing. The digital age has created a forum for the relatively inexpensive display of portfolios and related content to promote your services. The World Wide Web has transformed the marketing of builders and renovators.

Building, Construction & Renovation Branding

As more and more people get online and get used to making this their primary portal for their consumer choices it becomes absolutely vital to have a dynamic online presence. Your brand is supported via your digital footprint. This can include AdWords and online banner advertising pointing potential customers to your main website. Many savvy building outfits have a network of websites, which are targeting different demographics. These all funnel back toward the branded website. Your digital marketing has the widest and deepest reach. It is, however, best served by complementary traditional marketing.

This traditional marketing can include home shows, display homes, niche print advertising in home design magazines and strong physical signage. If you are a specialist renovator, like a kitchen makeover firm or bathroom builder, then, there are particular marketing avenues open to these fields. In the kitchen realm, you can focus on online recipe pages for banner advertising and AdWords. In addition, targeted TV advertising on celebrity chef cooking shows can be impactful for brand building in this niche. Click here for examples of effective digital marketing in this space.

Social media is another brilliant forum for the marketing of designer construction. So, if you are not already a part of the conversation, it is time to get online with a voice. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are all vibrant platforms to promote your building brand. The visual component of these social media channels is huge and potential customers can see what they might like to buy. The click through factor is fantastic, with it being so easy for people to find your portfolio pages online in just a couple of clicks. Building, construction and renovation branding is better online than it has ever been before and it will continue to blossom. The digital realm is an eye opener for builders and their potential clients everywhere.