Our environment is constantly changing. There is no denying that. Our planet is plagued by environmental problems that deplete natural resources. Given the dismal reality, it can be tempting to throw our hands up and assume we can’t do anything to improve the situation. But that’s where we’re wrong there are a number of ways the average person can make his or her daily routine more eco-friendly. Here are some ways we can help protect our planet:

Scale Back Car Use. Start making eco-friendly choices and try walking. Below are some great ways to reduce the amount of dangerous greenhouse gases we release into the environment.

1. Start cycling.
2. Walk it out.
3. Pick public transportation.

Reduce Food Waste. The amount of global food waste produced each year is more than enough to feed many hungry people in the world. What’s more, wasting food means squandering the resources (like water and energy) that went into the production of that food.

1. Plan the week’s meals in advance. As long as you actually stick to the meal plan, there shouldn’t be much food left over!
2. Keep track of the trash. Start logging a weekly record of every food item you toss in the garbage.
3. Donate to food kitchens.
4. Understand expiration dates.
5. Learn to love leftovers.
6. Create a compost pile.

Use Less Food Packaging. Food packaging makes up almost two thirds of total packaging waste which means a whole lot of waste ending up in landfills. Below to see how you can cut down on your packaging use pronto.

1. Carry your cups.
2. Invest in some metal and ceramic baking pans that you can re-use.
3. When shopping, look for products with minimal to no packaging, or at least packaging made from recycled items.
4. Get crafty and to choose to reuse. Make sure it’s safe to reuse with food products.

Eat Locally. Consume foods that were produced closer to home and becoming more cognizant of where our food comes from.

1. Join the community that supports agriculture.
2. Dine locally and make it to the local market.
3. Get into gardening and grow a green thumb.
6. Savor the season and veggies currently in season where you live.

Shop With the Environment in Mind. “Green purchasing,” means making decisions with the environment in mind, whether at the mall or the supermarket. It’s all about the little things, like checking for labels that say “recycled”.

1. Bring your own bag.
2. Clean safely. Common household cleaning products are among a number of indoor pollutants that can hurt the environment as well as human health.
3. Be pretty eco-friendly. Choose items with ingredients that are friendlier on your body and the environment (and support the companies who make them).
4. Cherish the old stuff. Avoid clogging landfills with mountains of your discarded stuff.
5. When purchasing a new appliance, look for the Energy Star label, consider products that run on natural gas instead of electricity, and avoid buying appliances that are bigger than you need
6. Treasure the trees. When we purchase paper products, it’s best to look for labels that indicate an item has been made using sustainable methods, meaning it protects against global warming and the destruction of wildlife.

The most important idea to remember is that saving the planet can start right now. While it might not seem like much of a difference, over time, all these changes add up to a really positive impact on the environment. No effort is too trivial—so pick one of these new habits and take action today!

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