As an experienced publicist, I know the importance of positioning my clients as visible experts in their fields. Grabbing a topical issue and running with it, is an important part of any effective PR strategy. Chiropractor Hooman Zahedi is a prime example of this. His understanding of this integral publicity tenet is evidenced by his seizing the day when it comes to the issue of the sedentary modern lifestyle and its negative impact on our health. The fact that the majority of us in the twenty first century spend our working lives sitting on our behinds is becoming a force majeure in discussions about societal health and wellbeing.

How Chiropractor Hooman Zahedi Built His Personal Brand

Chiropractor Hooman Zahedi knows an issue with legs when he sees one, and with his profession directly linked to our physical health, he found a soapbox to stand on. Writing in his recently published book, Straight Forward, Hooman examines the detrimental effects of prolonged sitting for our overall health. With arresting statements like:

“Sitting is the new smoking; it’s the new cancer!”

Hooman Zahedi has captured the attention of his local press, with Cayla Dengate from the Manly Daily featuring an article on the chiropractor and his book. In the article Cayla highlights Hooman’s warnings about the dangers of too much sitting and how this message is echoing around the globe now. Standing desks are the solution and this will be the new black in the coming years, according to the insightful chiropractor. Sitting on your bum all day, as we say in Australia, is no panacea for better health in the long term. The body is much better off standing and moving around; this is what it has been designed for, according to Hooman. Irritable Bowel Syndrome, heartburn and breathing difficulties might all be exacerbated by prolonged sitting not giving the body adequate room for digestion.

The expert commentator on this issue, Hooman Zahedi, has built his healing brand on this new twenty first century ailment. His book can help people come to terms with the dangers of this lifestyle condition and take positive steps to overcome it at work and at home. No employer will feel safe from employer suits if they do not adjust the set up inside the workplace. Standing desks will become the norm in offices and facilities around the globe. Bad backs from prolonged sitting at work and a visit to chiropractor Hooman Zahedi may be just the answer. Click here for more.