In the midst of the great push today to make a living by working with your mind, the notion of working with your hands or having manual competence isn’t held in high regard. Today too many genuine opportunities are dismissed or ignored by those looking for work because they believe the job is too dirty. Well, in many cases, they’re dangerous, dirty, and don’t command a lot of respect. You aren’t going to dazzle your friends or family by choosing some of these career paths, and for a lot of people, that’s a very important element of a chosen trade. Although blue collared workers, the people who make life possible for the rest of us, are unjustifiably degraded in society today —might be the most successful people.

While society tends to push everyone to get a four-year degree, and typically take on a lot of debt in the process, we are seeing countless examples of people carving out a very successful path of their own, particularly in blue-collar industries. You may be surprised to learn that being a blue collar could get into that somewhat hallowed six-figure salary range in far less time, and with far less money spent on schooling, than just about any other field of work. The service sector of the economy isn’t confined to retailing. Because even in the worst economic times, people need maintenance done and things fixed. People forget about the blue-collar segment until the plumbing leaks, the furnace dies, the kitchen needs remodeling, etc. Stoner, like many others with skills you can’t learn in college.

So the next time you need that rattling sound in your car fixed or are waiting for your lost power to come back on, give an appreciative thought to those blue collar people who will take care of these problems.

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