Comfort is not necessarily a word ever associated with a dentist visit. Which is why trips to the dentist aren’t fun for anyone, but for many they can be sources of extreme anxiety and stress. Most of the patients’ nerve gets the best of them before an appointment at the dentist’s office. Many people feel anxious when visiting the dentist, but there are ways to keep them cool and make their experience more comfortable.

When a patient schedules in an appointment, try these simple tricks to lower their anxiety.

  • Call and confirm their scheduled appointment and remind them to relax before they visit
  • Ask them to come early to their appointment
  • Have them bring items that make them comfortable
  • And lastly, remind them why they made the appointment

During the procedure, you can add a little more excitement to help them overcome their fear of the dentist. Engage and communicate with the patient by:

  • Teaching them the relaxation techniques.
  • Making them listen to music
  • Take photos with them and have a caption contest
  • Give away a pair of movie tickets
  • Recognize a patient or team member of the week

Lastly, initiate marketing ideas. Marketing strategies already proven to bring in new dental patients. To get you started, here are proven dental marketing strategies you can try:

  • Get involved in your community
  • Start a blog
  • Offer free or discounted exams/cleanings
  • Engage on social media
  • Forming cross-referral alliances with other doctors
  • Grow and manage patient testimonials and reviews
  • Develop a referral incentive program

So there you have it—some suggested proven dental marketing strategies. For more details CLICK HERE!