Creating Your Own Technology Brand: From Apps to Intranet

The great technology brands like Apple, Microsoft and Google have done a great job at making quite complicated technological things appear sexy. They have done this by focusing consumer attention on what these apps, programs and devices can do for you, rather than how they do them. Let’s face it, very few people outside of bone fide geeks are interested in the nuts and bolts side of technology. Writing about things like apps and intranets can be challenging, when trying to explain to the average person how they actually work. You will find that most writers try and keep this side of things to an absolute minimum.

Creating Your Own Technology Brand: From Apps to Intranet

The building of a great brand, which specialises in apps and the intranet, will focus almost exclusively on the outcomes for users, rather than on the process of getting there. Intranets for business can achieve great things for their users. Fully functional and responsively designed intranet solutions for businesses can definitely change the colour of their day. Connecting all stake holders together and making dynamic communication possible, which overcomes any geographical challenges in an instant. This truly allows business to take place anywhere, anytime; and for all assets to be shared across time and space. Click here for more.

Microsoft’s SharePoint is the centre around which many apps and intranets have been designed to function seamlessly. Communication is the big thing in the twenty first century and the new Millennial generation is addicted to sharing. Workforces are achieving more than ever before because workplaces are beginning to meet the needs of a modern workforce for the first time. Technological devices are designed to share information in digital form and there has been a concerted effort to catch up in terms of the opportunities presented at work and in business.

Creating your own technology brand: from apps to intranet is an exciting and rewarding mission. It will only succeed if companies embrace change like never before. Research and development is king; and this is closely followed by the effective marketing and branding of technological innovation. It is no use having the best bike in the shed, if no one knows about it. Intranet is shaping up to be the number one technology issue of the next decade. Watch this space for rapid technological change happening here for businesses and their workforces, right around the globe. It will produce greater mobility and independence in our working lives.


How Chiropractor Hooman Zahedi Built His Personal Brand

As an experienced publicist, I know the importance of positioning my clients as visible experts in their fields. Grabbing a topical issue and running with it, is an important part of any effective PR strategy. Chiropractor Hooman Zahedi is a prime example of this. His understanding of this integral publicity tenet is evidenced by his seizing the day when it comes to the issue of the sedentary modern lifestyle and its negative impact on our health. The fact that the majority of us in the twenty first century spend our working lives sitting on our behinds is becoming a force majeure in discussions about societal health and wellbeing.

How Chiropractor Hooman Zahedi Built His Personal Brand

Chiropractor Hooman Zahedi knows an issue with legs when he sees one, and with his profession directly linked to our physical health, he found a soapbox to stand on. Writing in his recently published book, Straight Forward, Hooman examines the detrimental effects of prolonged sitting for our overall health. With arresting statements like:

“Sitting is the new smoking; it’s the new cancer!”

Hooman Zahedi has captured the attention of his local press, with Cayla Dengate from the Manly Daily featuring an article on the chiropractor and his book. In the article Cayla highlights Hooman’s warnings about the dangers of too much sitting and how this message is echoing around the globe now. Standing desks are the solution and this will be the new black in the coming years, according to the insightful chiropractor. Sitting on your bum all day, as we say in Australia, is no panacea for better health in the long term. The body is much better off standing and moving around; this is what it has been designed for, according to Hooman. Irritable Bowel Syndrome, heartburn and breathing difficulties might all be exacerbated by prolonged sitting not giving the body adequate room for digestion.

The expert commentator on this issue, Hooman Zahedi, has built his healing brand on this new twenty first century ailment. His book can help people come to terms with the dangers of this lifestyle condition and take positive steps to overcome it at work and at home. No employer will feel safe from employer suits if they do not adjust the set up inside the workplace. Standing desks will become the norm in offices and facilities around the globe. Bad backs from prolonged sitting at work and a visit to chiropractor Hooman Zahedi may be just the answer. Click here for more.


Building, Construction & Renovation Branding

Building a brand in the building industry is a bit like the structures you construct, it is all about solidity and brilliant design. There is no room for botched jobs and consistency is paramount to the success of your brand. The construction and renovation business is founded on word of mouth and this needs to be translated into your digital marketing and traditional marketing. The digital age has created a forum for the relatively inexpensive display of portfolios and related content to promote your services. The World Wide Web has transformed the marketing of builders and renovators.

Building, Construction & Renovation Branding

As more and more people get online and get used to making this their primary portal for their consumer choices it becomes absolutely vital to have a dynamic online presence. Your brand is supported via your digital footprint. This can include AdWords and online banner advertising pointing potential customers to your main website. Many savvy building outfits have a network of websites, which are targeting different demographics. These all funnel back toward the branded website. Your digital marketing has the widest and deepest reach. It is, however, best served by complementary traditional marketing.

This traditional marketing can include home shows, display homes, niche print advertising in home design magazines and strong physical signage. If you are a specialist renovator, like a kitchen makeover firm or bathroom builder, then, there are particular marketing avenues open to these fields. In the kitchen realm, you can focus on online recipe pages for banner advertising and AdWords. In addition, targeted TV advertising on celebrity chef cooking shows can be impactful for brand building in this niche. Click here for examples of effective digital marketing in this space.

Social media is another brilliant forum for the marketing of designer construction. So, if you are not already a part of the conversation, it is time to get online with a voice. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are all vibrant platforms to promote your building brand. The visual component of these social media channels is huge and potential customers can see what they might like to buy. The click through factor is fantastic, with it being so easy for people to find your portfolio pages online in just a couple of clicks. Building, construction and renovation branding is better online than it has ever been before and it will continue to blossom. The digital realm is an eye opener for builders and their potential clients everywhere.

Environmental Protection: Amazing Ideas to Protect the Planet

Our environment is constantly changing. There is no denying that. Our planet is plagued by environmental problems that deplete natural resources. Given the dismal reality, it can be tempting to throw our hands up and assume we can’t do anything to improve the situation. But that’s where we’re wrong there are a number of ways the average person can make his or her daily routine more eco-friendly. Here are some ways we can help protect our planet:

Scale Back Car Use. Start making eco-friendly choices and try walking. Below are some great ways to reduce the amount of dangerous greenhouse gases we release into the environment.

1. Start cycling.
2. Walk it out.
3. Pick public transportation.

Reduce Food Waste. The amount of global food waste produced each year is more than enough to feed many hungry people in the world. What’s more, wasting food means squandering the resources (like water and energy) that went into the production of that food.

1. Plan the week’s meals in advance. As long as you actually stick to the meal plan, there shouldn’t be much food left over!
2. Keep track of the trash. Start logging a weekly record of every food item you toss in the garbage.
3. Donate to food kitchens.
4. Understand expiration dates.
5. Learn to love leftovers.
6. Create a compost pile.

Use Less Food Packaging. Food packaging makes up almost two thirds of total packaging waste which means a whole lot of waste ending up in landfills. Below to see how you can cut down on your packaging use pronto.

1. Carry your cups.
2. Invest in some metal and ceramic baking pans that you can re-use.
3. When shopping, look for products with minimal to no packaging, or at least packaging made from recycled items.
4. Get crafty and to choose to reuse. Make sure it’s safe to reuse with food products.

Eat Locally. Consume foods that were produced closer to home and becoming more cognizant of where our food comes from.

1. Join the community that supports agriculture.
2. Dine locally and make it to the local market.
3. Get into gardening and grow a green thumb.
6. Savor the season and veggies currently in season where you live.

Shop With the Environment in Mind. “Green purchasing,” means making decisions with the environment in mind, whether at the mall or the supermarket. It’s all about the little things, like checking for labels that say “recycled”.

1. Bring your own bag.
2. Clean safely. Common household cleaning products are among a number of indoor pollutants that can hurt the environment as well as human health.
3. Be pretty eco-friendly. Choose items with ingredients that are friendlier on your body and the environment (and support the companies who make them).
4. Cherish the old stuff. Avoid clogging landfills with mountains of your discarded stuff.
5. When purchasing a new appliance, look for the Energy Star label, consider products that run on natural gas instead of electricity, and avoid buying appliances that are bigger than you need
6. Treasure the trees. When we purchase paper products, it’s best to look for labels that indicate an item has been made using sustainable methods, meaning it protects against global warming and the destruction of wildlife.

The most important idea to remember is that saving the planet can start right now. While it might not seem like much of a difference, over time, all these changes add up to a really positive impact on the environment. No effort is too trivial—so pick one of these new habits and take action today!

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How To Make A Visit To The Dentist A Little More Enticing

Comfort is not necessarily a word ever associated with a dentist visit. Which is why trips to the dentist aren’t fun for anyone, but for many they can be sources of extreme anxiety and stress. Most of the patients’ nerve gets the best of them before an appointment at the dentist’s office. Many people feel anxious when visiting the dentist, but there are ways to keep them cool and make their experience more comfortable.

When a patient schedules in an appointment, try these simple tricks to lower their anxiety.

  • Call and confirm their scheduled appointment and remind them to relax before they visit
  • Ask them to come early to their appointment
  • Have them bring items that make them comfortable
  • And lastly, remind them why they made the appointment

During the procedure, you can add a little more excitement to help them overcome their fear of the dentist. Engage and communicate with the patient by:

  • Teaching them the relaxation techniques.
  • Making them listen to music
  • Take photos with them and have a caption contest
  • Give away a pair of movie tickets
  • Recognize a patient or team member of the week

Lastly, initiate marketing ideas. Marketing strategies already proven to bring in new dental patients. To get you started, here are proven dental marketing strategies you can try:

  • Get involved in your community
  • Start a blog
  • Offer free or discounted exams/cleanings
  • Engage on social media
  • Forming cross-referral alliances with other doctors
  • Grow and manage patient testimonials and reviews
  • Develop a referral incentive program

So there you have it—some suggested proven dental marketing strategies. For more details CLICK HERE!

How Dirty Jobs Brand Themselves and Are Cleaning Up

In the midst of the great push today to make a living by working with your mind, the notion of working with your hands or having manual competence isn’t held in high regard. Today too many genuine opportunities are dismissed or ignored by those looking for work because they believe the job is too dirty. Well, in many cases, they’re dangerous, dirty, and don’t command a lot of respect. You aren’t going to dazzle your friends or family by choosing some of these career paths, and for a lot of people, that’s a very important element of a chosen trade. Although blue collared workers, the people who make life possible for the rest of us, are unjustifiably degraded in society today —might be the most successful people.

While society tends to push everyone to get a four-year degree, and typically take on a lot of debt in the process, we are seeing countless examples of people carving out a very successful path of their own, particularly in blue-collar industries. You may be surprised to learn that being a blue collar could get into that somewhat hallowed six-figure salary range in far less time, and with far less money spent on schooling, than just about any other field of work. The service sector of the economy isn’t confined to retailing. Because even in the worst economic times, people need maintenance done and things fixed. People forget about the blue-collar segment until the plumbing leaks, the furnace dies, the kitchen needs remodeling, etc. Stoner, like many others with skills you can’t learn in college.

So the next time you need that rattling sound in your car fixed or are waiting for your lost power to come back on, give an appreciative thought to those blue collar people who will take care of these problems.

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